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                  WelCome China Railway Electrical Industry CO.,LTD
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                  Company profile

                  Company Profile

                      China Railway Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Railway electrician) is an industrial manufacturing enterprise under China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and is subordinate to China Railway Co., Ltd., a world enterprise and one of the world's top 500 brands. It now has Baoding railway transformer branch, Jiangxi environmental protection branch, China Railway High Speed Railway Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Baoding Products Co., Ltd Five subsidiaries of China Railway Baoji track electrical equipment testing Co., Ltd. and three holding joint ventures: Baoji baodeli Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing celcrete Electric Co., Ltd. and China Railway Guocai insulation material Co., Ltd.

                      China Railway electrician Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of power supply equipment and equipment and sound barrier products for electrified railway and urban rail transit. Its main products include transformer, high and low voltage switchgear and its auxiliary appliances and other power transformation and distribution equipment; Power supply equipment such as catenary pillar, wire rod, parts, disconnector and section insulator; Power supply equipment such as conductor rail, rigid suspension and flexible suspension of urban rail transit; Medium and low speed maglev power supply equipment; Tram charging equipment; Communication signal products; Active power filter (APF), reactive power compensation device (SVG), energy feedback device and other power electronic products and complete sets of equipment; Power equipment, auto parts and other machining products; Steel structure, concrete products and other building components; Manufacturing and installation of sound barrier.

                      China Railway electrician is a leader in the development of 'four electricity' technology of rail transit and a system integration service provider. It holds 140 technical patents, including 14 invention patents; A total of 66 scientific and technological innovation awards were won, including 24 awards above the provincial and ministerial level; Participated in the compilation of 33 national and industrial standards for catenary products, power transmission and transformation products, rail transit power supply equipment, etc.

                      Since the construction of Baoji Chengdu Railway, the first electrified railway in China in 1958, it has participated in almost all national key electrified railway projects such as Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Tianjin, Harbin Dalian and Wuhan Guangzhou, creating a series of 'national first' and 'world first' in the technical fields of heavy load, high cold, high wind area and high altitude. Through introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, the localization of core technologies and products is fully realized, and the technological leap from electrified railway to high-speed railway is successfully completed. From Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway, the first high-speed railway in China, to Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, which set a record of 486.1km/h, China Railway electrician provided a full range of domestic traction power supply equipment, won the national science and technology award, and the 'high strength and high conductivity' series products were praised as the 'pearl on the crown'. All kinds of products have been exported to Germany, Iran, Argentina, Australia, Russia and other dozens of countries, laying a solid foundation for 'China's high-speed rail technology going global' and winning market opportunities.

                      High speed rail is China's one belt, one road and one China manufacturing 2025. We will strive to become a world-class rail transit product system integration enterprise and solution solver.

                      Thank you for your attention and support! Looking forward to new cooperation and development!




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